"How Much Does a Website Cost?"...

...is the #1 question we get asked, and it's a hard one to answer without having a good discussion about why you want a website. Is it primarily static content? Will you be selling products or accepting payments? Are there user accounts? Who will manage site content and updates?

Once we've delved deep into your motivation, we'll recommend a site build that's matches your budget and functional requirements. We want to provide a website that's right for you. For more information on the kinds of sites we build, see below.


Squarespace WEbsites

Squarespace is an ideal solution for content-based websites with less than 20 pages (like ours). What you sacrifice in custom design and functionality you gain in turnaround time and price. Squarespace sites are also easy to maintain, with no coding necessary to update content and styling, making them a perfect out of the box website solution.


Wordpress websites

Wordpress is the world's de facto Content Management System (CMS). Developers worldwide contribute to an open-source library of plugins and templates to truly leverage the global development community. Wordpress is also as customizable as you want it to be, with unique designs and custom code easily managed from a standardized interface.


Custom websites

We get excited about custom website builds because it means we can say yes to anything. Design, functionality, and the Content Management System (how you'll update and manage it all) can all be finely tuned to your unique requirements and tied into existing systems, often for the same price as a Wordpress site.

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